This is My Personal Experience and Solution for Windows 8.1 Blank Screen.

I just update my windows 8 to windows 8.1 . After reboot windows 8.1 did all settings and restarted many times. after 20 minutes almost show me log in screen and did my loging in my account and did my all work. after few hours work i shut down my dell inspiration 15 laptop.

I reach home and open my laptop then after boob just show black screen. after start my computer i can not see anything on my screen in windows 8.1.

Solution and Fix for Windows 8.1 Blank Screen After Boot

1. Remove the laptop battery
2. Put Power Cabel
3. Do following step at least 5 times
Press power button on laptop. When you see dell logo then just remove the power cabel from laptop. Repeat same step 5 Times. 6th time you will see automatic recovery or some automatic line bellow the dell logo. Then wait and you will see some options on screen

Then do following steps

1. Open Advanced Startup Options
2. Choose Troubleshoot
3. Choose Advanced Options
4. Choose Startup Settings
5. Touch or Click the Restart Button
6. Wait While Your Computer Restarts
7. Choose a Windows 8 Safe Mode With Networking Option
8. Start laptop in safe mode
Now following are my personal step which i did to recover my windows and you will be responsible yourself for this. So before doing step take your own responsibility of any damage. I did this on my Dell Inspiron 15r Laptop.

9. I saw my windows login screen and login in my windows
10. I went in device manager. Right click on bottom left window icon and select device manager.
11.Uninstall my graphics drivers. I have AMD Radeon and Intel Graphics Driver.
12.I restarted my laptop in normal windows and i saw my login screen back
13. I went in my dell support site device and drivers
14. I download Video Intel HD Graphics 4000 Drivers (2) nd Video AMD Radeon HD Drivers latest compatible to windows 8.1
15. First i install my Intel graphics drivers then restart. then i install AMD Radeon graphics drivers and restart. also windows 8.1 have lot of native drivers so when you uninstall graphics drivers and restart my computer then windows pick my AMD and Intel drivers from there pre stored native drivers list and i need not to install again and my laptop work fine.

My Laptop was working good again.

I feel windows 8.1 issue is just because of compatible graphics drivers.

So may be this can help you too.

anonymous commented Mar 28, 2014

Thank you for your idea! I was about to commit laptopicide. Once I had downloaded and installed 8.1 and the laptop had restarted I was getting a blank screen after logon. Nothing new was happening with restarts - and I could not even access startup settings.

I used your idea with my Samsung - it took five removals of the battery before the recovery screen. After logon 8.1 completed its process and restarted - but now working brilliantly.

I did not need to uninstall any graphics drivers.

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There may be a less intrusive solution:

When you login and get the blank screen, press ALT+F4 to get the regular shutdown dialog.

If you get the dialog, select 'restart' and klick OK

You'll probably get a "Installing updates" or "configuring updates" message.

After the system reboots, it will also install or configure updates during boot-up.

After this, 8.1 should startup normally.

I guess it's a left-over from the 8 tot 8.1 update that wasn't properly executed.

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